Our History

A fiscal year in the Rotaract runs from July until June the next year. After that, a new board will lead the club further to organizing effective projects for their communities and a fresh fiscal year commences. The outgoing board officially passes on the baton to the incoming board and this is done during a Handing Over Ceremony.  Here's a list of all boards FRESH since their charter. 

Charter board: 4 november 2010

President: Said Muntslag
Vice President: Gerani Cheuk-A-Lam 
Secretary: Soyinka Pawiroredjo
Treasurer: Charline Stein
Sergeant at Arms: N. Khubani
Ass. Sergeant at Arms: M. Baksh

Board 2012-2013:
President: Charline Stein
Vice President: Janice Sendar
Secretary: Sadey Muntslag
Treasurer: Soyinka Pawiroredjo

Board 2013-2014

President: Timothy Mendonca
Vice Presiden
t: Said Muntslag
Secretary: Angelo Djopawiro
Treasurer: Ilaisa Dalm

Board 2014-2015

President: Chavelli Kasanpawiro
Vice President: Sharoma Ramawadh
Secretary: Merelyn Purperhart
Treasurer: Giovanni Kartopawiro

Board 2015-2016

President: Sharoma Ramawadh
Vice President: Zephora Antari
Secretary: Nicole Redjosentono
Treasurer: Sadey Muntslag

Board 2016-2017:

President: Janet van Klaveren
Vice President: Nicole Redjosentono
Secretary: Serge Lo-Fo-Wong
Treasurer: Sharoma Ramawadh

Board 2017 - 2018:

President: Serge Lo-Fo-Wong
Vice President: Xaviera Kross
Secretary: Yanaika Purperhart
Treasurer: Janet van Klaveren

Board 2018-2019:

President: Yanaika Purperhart
Vice President: Rolinzo Huur
Secretary: Ritesh Doerga
Treasurer: Warsha Somai

Board 2019 - 2020

President: Rolinzo Huur
Vice President: Darren Sarijoen
Secretary: Stacey Zebeda
Treasurer: Shanice Pique
Sergeant at Arms: Lorenzo Carilho

Board 2020 - 2021

President: Darren Sarijoen
Vice President Extern: Roann Huiswoud
Secretary: Aleema Arrias
Vice President Intern: Afina Edenburg
Treasurer: Lorenzo Carilho

Board 2021 - 2021=2

President: Xaviera Kross
Vice President: Stacey Zebeda
Secretary: Alyda Hyslop
Treasurer: Darchini Boedhoe