Waiti Tide, A Moo Waiti Amaña


The theme "Economic and Community Development" will be executed in November 2020 under the name Waiti Tide, A Moo Waiti Amana. This project will be held during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 (16 Nov - 22 Nov). The target audience of this project will be the youth from Brokopondo. This project focusses on inspiring this audience, with a special focus on drop-outs, to build themselves a stable future. This could be done in several ways, such as studying for a higher degree, or starting a business. To realize this project, workshops will be given such as:

  •  Job interview skills, 
  • How to pick a study, 

  • Creative SWOT analyses,

  • Journaling and manifesting, 

  • How to start a business, 

  • Sales & budgeting 

  • Marketing & networking.

"By working together, we open up unlimited potential ." immediate Past President Barry Rassin, of Rotary International.