Sanitation & Water Supply


The theme "Water and Sanitation" will be executed in March 2021. The target audience for this project is mainly the Surinamese society in the inner city of Paramaribo or Brokopondo. This project will focus on the awareness of the Surinamese residents concerning the importance of sanitation and environmental friendliness with healthy/fresh water supplies. To realize this project, women-friendly public bathrooms will be placed on 4 central places in the inner city of one of the two cities stated above.

Recap: Clean Water For A Good Health

We initiated a water & sanitation related project called 'Clean Water for Good Health'. This project involved purchasing and installing a new sustainable water pump with a large capacity at the nursing home Evie. For some time, the nursing home suffered from water shortage and low water pressure, especially during the dry season. With the installation of this new pump, we thrived to improve the work and living conditions of the staff and residents of the nursing home. Some residents immediately noticed a stronger water pressure and were very thankful towards us.

"Water is Life and Clean Water is Means Health. - Audrey Hepburn"