Playful and Educational Day Out


The theme "Environmental Awareness" will be executed in Januari 2021 in the form of an Playful and Educational Day Out (PlayDay). PlayDay is an annually recurring project of the Rotaract club of F.R.E.S.H.. The target audience for this project are underprivileged Surinamese children from a shelter home in the district Commewijne. This project will be carried out in two parts and the goal is to motivate these children in an educative, child-friendly and creative way. In phase 1, informative and child-friendly workshops will be given about the 3 R'S (Reduce waste, Reuse resources & Recycle materials) which will be tied to a scavenger hunt. To give phase 1 a sustainable character, the children will be given the opportunity to plant in the garden of the shelter home. In phase 2, the club members and the children together will transform the shelter home into an educational tour to finalize the project. In the end, they will receive a participation certificate to remember the project by.  

Helping those in need