'Bondru Kon na Wan'


The theme "Peace and Conflict Prevention" will be executed in both September 2020 and Februari 2021 under the name Bondru Kon na Wan. The target audience of this project are 1st graders, teachers and parents of 1st graders from the Mulo/LBO in the district Wanica. This project will be carried out in two phases and the goal is to support the youth in acquiring skills to strengthen their positive role in preventing violent situations and promoting peace. There will be two (2) different activities in phase one, which will be a workshop about peacebuilding and the planting of a peacepole. The preparations for a cultural exchange activity start in this phase. In the second phase, three (3) different activities will be carried out, including the execution of the cultural exchange activity, a self-reflections session and last but not least, the drawing of a peace pledge.

More info coming soon...